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Benefits of Windshield Wiper Replacement

You may not think of your windshield wipers until a storm hits, and you need to clean the windshield. Considering the windshield wipers keep you and your vehicle safe, it's important to make sure they are functioning when needed. The windshield wipers are one of a car's most significant exterior safety features. They need to be replaced periodically for safety reasons and to protect the windshield on a vehicle from getting damaged. The wipers are instrumental in removing dirt, dust, pollen, water, and snow from your vehicle's windshield. If they wear out, they won't clear off the windshield efficiently, which can reduce visibility. Accidents are more likely to happen as a result, especially if you are driving in rain or poor conditions. The windshield wipers also have a protective rubber edge that normally prevents damage to the windshield glass. However, when the rubber layer wears off, the wipers can scratch the windshield glass, which may even cause it to shatter.

How Often Should I Replace My Windshield Wipers?

The ideal replacement schedule for your car's windshield wipers depends on the car and your own personal situation. Drivers who frequently drive in the rain or whose vehicles endure long winters with ice and snow will likely need to change their car's wipers more often, up to twice per year in some cases. Some vehicles may be able to go a year in between wiper replacements. If you aren't sure when the wipers on your car were last changed or if they are due for replacement, a technician at our dealership will happily evaluate the wipers' condition to let you know how much mileage you have left on them.

Certified Automotive Technicians

At our dealership, we are committed to taking quality care of you and your vehicle. To ensure your car is in prime working condition, we only have top technicians performing repairs. Our technicians are highly-trained professionals who routinely perform windshield wiper changes. They are also familiar with servicing a wide range of cars, so don't hesitate to contact us for an appointment, even if you're not a Nissan owner.

Only Quality Automotive Parts

NissanQuality parts are just as important to make sure your car is in good shape. Our skilled service department uses only premium replacement parts made by Nissan or your vehicle's original manufacturer if you have another type of car. Manufacturer components are an exact replica of the original wipers on your vehicle, and they come with a warranty.

If your Nissan or other vehicle is due for new windshield wipers, contact us today for an appointment



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