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If you are looking for top-quality OEM Nissan parts in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, our dealership is your one-stop shopping locale for everything you need to keep your Nissan on the road. We carry all the common Nissan OEM parts that you'll need like brakes, mirrors, or even bumpers. And if you need something that we don't have on site, we'll gladly order it for you. It will arrive within a couple business days.


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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

Higher Quality from OEM Parts

Too often, aftermarket parts lure unsuspecting car owners in with their cheap prices and claims of reliability. The manufacturers of these parts often claim that their prices are lower because the original equipment manufacturers are gouging people on prices. But it is usually quite the opposite. It is the aftermarket parts makers who are short changing car owners on quality. And this can have serious consequences.

OEM Brakes and Parts

The truth is that aftermarket parts makers are generally able to charge less because they have far less rigorous quality control standards, and they are willing to use substandard materials in the manufacturing of their parts. While this can save on up-front costs, it is a recipe for disaster over the long term. Aftermarket parts often last for much shorter lifespans than OEM parts. And aftermarket parts have a much higher probability of experiencing catastrophic failure.

OEM parts represent a much higher level of quality. Going with aftermarket parts can provide you with a peace of mind that you won't get elsewhere.

Proper Fit and Ease of Replacement

Easy Brake Installations

For those who have used aftermarket parts extensively, one of the most common headaches with aftermarket parts is that they often simply don’t work. Quality control for aftermarket parts is often poor. This leads to parts that don’t last, often fail and, in some cases, never work to begin with.

Manufacturers attempt to design their products so that they’ll work on the widest possible array of vehicle models. But this often results in the number of vehicles that the part is supposedly able to fit being expanded to the breaking point. As a result, it is not uncommon to order an aftermarket part that is supposed to fit a given vehicle but it doesn’t.

The best solution to all of these potential issues is to go with OEM parts.



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