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How Often Should I Service My Nissan Rouge?

All cars need regular maintenance for optimal health and safety. However, service intervals vary by the manufacturer depending on each model's specific needs. To find out when your vehicle needs to have service, you can look at the Nissan Rogue maintenance schedule in the owner's manual. The owner's manual gives you a breakdown of the Nissan Rogue service intervals and the specific services performed at each service checkpoint. The Rogue will need to have its first oil change at 5,000 miles, and its first comprehensive service begins at 10,000 miles.

10,000-Mile Service

When your Nissan reaches 10,000 miles, a certified Nissan technician will give it a thorough inspection to check for any problems. The Rogue will be due for a third oil change at this point since its oil changes take place about every 5,000 miles. The engine air filter may also be changed when the car gets its engine oil replaced. The brake pads and brake rotors will be inspected, along with the differential gear oil, transfer fluid, and transmission fluid if your car has an automatic transmission. The drive shaft boots are checked on all-wheel drive Rogue models.

20,000-Mile Service

At 20,000 miles, your Rogue has some additional services. The engine oil will be changed again, and the engine air filter gets replaced. The cabin air filter is also replaced. The Rogue will have its propeller shaft inspected, and the battery will be replaced on the Nissan Intelligent key. The brake lines, rotors, and cables are inspected at 20,000 miles, along with the exhaust system.

60,000-Mile Service

Your Nissan Rogue gets another oil change at 60,000 miles. The steering gear and axle are inspected, along with the linkage and components in the suspension system. The brake pads are rechecked, and the Rogue will have the cabin air filter and micro-filter replaced. The tires are inspected for condition and rotated, and the fuel lines are inspected. The transmission fluid gets flushed, and the car may have a new battery installed.

100,000-Mile Service

When the Rogue hits 100,000 miles, it will have the power steering fluid replaced. The spark plugs also get replaced as needed. The timing belt will be checked out, along with the steering and suspension systems. The exhaust system will be inspected, and the drive belt will be checked. The braking system is also examined.

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