2020 Nissan Kicks

Typical car sounds are subtle and don't usually cause concern. But when abnormal sounds arise, it's best to identify what the sound is and if it's indicating potential problems. Here at Texas Nissan, we want you to be well-equipped for any strange sounds. Below is a few common car sounds and what they mean for your car's health.

Squeaky Brakes

Squeaky brakes are an indication that your brake pads need attention. If the squeaking turns into a grinding noise, you have waited too long and now probably have metal rubbing against metal. Brake problems are severe problems that need your immediate attention.


Rattling noises that seem to be coming from under the hood could indicate that you will soon need a new water pump or other significant components. If the rattling is more noticeable when the car is idle, the water pump may be the culprit. Another possibility is the timing belt pulley bearing. If the timing belt or serpentine belts are the problems, you will probably not get a warning noise like a rattle.

Engine Clicking

This sound is relatively common. It may be the upper valve train. The valve train is what controls movements of the valves that provide air intake and exhaust. Alternatively, it may be an issue related to the oil level in the engine.

Knocking Noise From Under The Hood

A knocking noise could be a problem with your fuel and air not mixing correctly. The gas will burn in uneven intervals. You will need a professional to look at it early before it causes further damage. Knocking noises may also come from a simple need for lubrication in the cylinders.

Engine Squealing

The first thing you should do is check the oil. If the valves are squealing, greasing them up will fix the problem. You may also need an oil change. Another reason for a squealing noise is loose or worn-out belts that should be changed.

If your vehicle is producing odd sound, we can help! Our highly-knowledgeable techs can diagnose and repair the abnormal sounds you hear, alleviating your car of any unusual car sounds.


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