Nissan Z Racing Concept for Fuji 24-Hour Race Unveiled  

Nissan announced the introduction of two new concept vehicles for its Z racing line-up. The new concepts are cars 230 and 244, which entered the Fuji 24-Hour Race. Both are designed to showcase their latest advances in performance and technology. It is an exciting announcement for car enthusiasts all over the world! Stay tuned for more details on these cutting-edge cars.

Two Nissan Z Racing Concepts

Nissan has unveiled two new racing concepts that will compete in the Fuji 24-Hour Endurance Race. The Nissan Z Racing Concept is developed specifically for the grueling race. It has several modifications to improve its performance. Car 230 has a CNF-compatible powertrain and is driven by team Nismo. Car 244 is powered by a gasoline engine and will be driven by the Max Racing Team.

Nissan aims to have a carbon-neutral footprint by the fiscal year 2050. It means all their emissions are offset by an equal amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. To achieve this, Nissan is working on some initiatives, including developing electric vehicles and energy-efficient manufacturing processes. The company has been working hard to develop more sustainable technologies. It is one way of demonstrating its progress.

The CNF-compatible powertrain is a new system that has been developed specifically for the Fuji 24-Hour Race. It uses a combination of electric and gasoline power to improve performance. The system includes a battery pack, an electric motor, and a gasoline engine.

The CNF-compatible powertrain offers several benefits over traditional gasoline engines. It is more efficient and uses less fuel. It also produces fewer emissions and is more powerful. It provides an extra boost of power when needed.

Nissan is the first and only Japanese manufacturer to join the Formula E World Championship. The company will compete in the 2019-2020 season with a team of four drivers.

Nissan’s entry into the Formula E World Championship shows its commitment to sustainable mobility. Electric vehicles are vital to Nissan’s strategy to reduce emissions and achieve carbon neutrality by the fiscal year 2050.

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