Nissan Maxima to be Phased Out in 2023  

Recently, it's been announced that Nissan Maxima is going to end its run just next year. Production of new cars will cease around the middle of the year in 2023.

End of an Era

The last new Nissan Maxima will be the 2023 Maxima sedan started halfway through the next year. However, it is certainly possible that Nissan will use the name again at some point, possibly in the context of new electric cars. This could apply to the Nissan EV. The vehicle is slated to come out in 2025 or so. This vehicle may bear the Nissan Maxima name. However, this does mean that the line of Nissan Maxima vehicles from tradition will cease to exist.

These vehicles are known for having V6 engines along with manual transmission options. Many have won awards. To know whether the EV will be named after the Maxima in any way or not, you'll have to stay tuned to see if that is the case or not.

Still, either way, it's likely that Nissan will produce vehicles in a manner consistent with what people are used to seeing. The exact Maxima name won't be around, but likely, many of the parts of Maxima that people have come to love will still be around in some fashion one way or another.

Transitioning to Electric

The very reason that this is happening in the first place is likely because Nissan is going to begin focusing on electric cars. This is the very thing that may see the resurgence of the Maxima name. Either way, likely, the era of the big V6 engines using a lot of traditional fossil fuel gas is drying up. The future is likely going to be all about alternative sources of power such as electricity and solar. This is where Nissan is trying to situate itself as the future arrives more and more.

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