Summer Maintenance Tips  

Taking care of your car is key when you plan to spend more time traveling on the open road in the summer season. Unfortunately, your car can still suffer from wear when it's exposed to high temperatures and wet surfaces. You can contact our dealership in Grapevine to obtain service and maintain your vehicle to get it ready for your summer travels. There are a few maintenance tips to follow to ensure all your bases are covered with the care you provide to your set of wheels.

Test the Car Battery

Your car battery needs to have enough power to ensure your car turns on each time you turn the key in the ignition. Test the car battery to determine if you'll need to replace it anytime soon. Batteries tend to last three to four years before they begin to die. They can also die easier in warm conditions, making it necessary to consider installing a new battery before you start to travel more.

Check the Tire Pressure

Your tire pressure may seem like a minor part of your car but plays a big role in keeping you safe. Read the owner's manual to determine what the manufacturer recommends with the tire pressure for your specific make and model. Warm air outside can cause the tire pressure to be reduced, making it necessary to add more air before you plan to drive hundreds of miles at a time. The tread also needs to be inspected to determine if it's worn and the tires need to be rotated.

Change the Oil

If you fail to change your car's oil, the engine will start to experience mechanical issues, which can end up leaving you stranded as you take a road trip. Replacing the oil will allow it to flow a lot better in the engine because the oil can be affected by hot climates. This will help all the mechanisms to operate correctly under the hood.

Look at the Fluid Levels

The fluid levels in your vehicle can be affected by high temperatures in the summer. Hire a mechanic to check the fluid levels and top off the transmission, power steering, and wiper fluid. The coolant also needs to be topped off to ensure the engine stays cool as it operates for long periods of time.

Contact us today to schedule summer maintenance on your vehicle to ensure your car is ready to spend more time on the road. Our auto service department is here to perform the necessary maintenance.