The reliability of your car depends on how much you take good care of it. Your vehicle needs proper servicing to remain functional and dependable. Here are our few guidelines to make your car reliable.

Check and Refill Your Fluids Regularly

It is highly recommended that you change your vehicle’s fluid at least every three months. The most significant fluid in a car is the oil. Changing it regularly will help you get rid of harmful particles that could damage the engine.

Opening the bonnet and removing the dipstick might be daunting for some car owners. If you are unsure of how and when to replenish your vehicle’s oil, you should check the manual that came with your car. Alternatively, you can schedule a maintenance service with our Nissan service center. We will ensure that your fluid levels are where they need to be. Also, we will inspect the filter to ensure they are in their best working order.

Regular Servicing

It is best to prevent a situation before it turns to a disaster. Most car owners wait for problems to arise before they service their vehicles. You should have a multi-point inspection by experts to find out possible issues on your car. This will not only keep the vehicle dependable but also helps you save on the cost of repairs and replacement. Contact us for your car servicing. Our technicians are experienced and understand all car components, including oil, timing belt, spark plugs, and air filter replacement.

Be Keen While Driving

You’re the only person who knows your car best. You should not just focus on driving your car but keep a close ear on how your vehicle is moving. Be quick to notice some unfamiliar changes, such as odd noises, leaking fluids, and weird feelings on the pedals or steering.

If you notice such issues with your car, don’t hesitate to contact our service center. We shall run a thorough diagnosis of your vehicle and fix all the possible problems before they become unmanageable.

Carry Less Weight

Nissan Rogue

You should always observe the weight limit when loading your car. Overloading it will put unnecessary strains on some essential parts of your vehicle, including the brakes, tires, and suspension bushes.

If you feel that your car is unreliable, and wants to make it dependable, feel free to contact us. Our experienced team of experts will give your vehicle exemplary service, making it trustworthy. We are certified, and you can trust that we will exceed your expectations at a competitive price.