There's nothing quite as unnerving as driving a vehicle that is shaking in any part of the vehicle. This motion and sometimes noise makes it hard to focus on the road, and of course, it could signify that your vehicle is getting ready to break down. A shaking vehicle has no one diagnosis. It could be one of several things going on with your car that is causing it to shake while you're driving. The specific location of where it's shaking - such as front end or back end - and the accompanying symptoms will help a certified mechanic determine what's causing the problem and how to fix it. Today we'll go over just a few of the things that might cause a vehicle to shake while you're driving it. Your own problem could be any of these things or other problems that a mechanic will need to fix.

What Causes Your Car To Shake While Driving?

Common causes of a shaky car include problems with tires, brakes, engines, and axles. We'll go over each of these briefly.

Tires: A shaky car can be the cause of different tire issues. When tires are wearing unevenly, it can cause the car to shake, and then of course if tire pressure is low, it can contribute to a shaky ride. The solution to vibrations caused by bad tires or unbalanced tires can range from balancing to the replacement of tires completely.

Brakes: If your car vibrates when you brake, the culprit is likely your brake system. Brakes wear at the front end, causing a front end vibration when you brake. A mechanic can easily identify these problems and determine whether or not you need to repair or replace your current brake system. You might need new brake pads, and if you've let the problem go on long enough, you may need new rotors. The sooner you take care of the problem, the better!

Engine: Spark plugs can malfunction or wear out in the engine, causing for a very shaky ride. Another culprit in the engine might be your engine air filter. Sometimes this can cause a shaky ride as well. A certified mechanic can look at your engine and let you know if it's the engine causing your car to shake.

Axle: Finally, a dented axle is a very common cause of a shaky ride. When the axle is bent or dented, look out! This can cause a very severe vibration at either the front end, back end, or both. Axle damage is usually caused in an accident, so if you've recently been in an accident and feel the vehicle shaking, you need to take it into our certified mechanics right away to find out if it's an axle problem or something else.

Bring Your Car In For Diagnostics Today

Texas Nissan specializes in troubleshooting and fixing your car's problems. If your vehicle is shaking very badly when you drive, or it's beginning to shake when you're doing certain actions while driving, there's no time to waste. Most of the problems mentioned above will be less costly if you bring your car in before it breaks down completely. For example, it's always easier to replace brake pads than it is to wait until the brake system has worn down to the rotors and you need to replace those, too. The minute you feel a shake in your vehicle, call us to schedule an appointment for service. We'll find out what the problem is and get your car running healthy again.

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