Nissan Rogue SL AWD

All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Technology by Nissan

For generations, Nissan has fully embraced the utility, versatility and power of all-wheel drive. Whether it's the compact Juke crossover SUV or the spacious Armada SUV, you'll find an advanced AWD system in reliable Nissan models. By working in sync with the patented Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission, the AWD delivers reliable traction. Some of Nissan's top trims are even capable of navigating roads and paths that are covered in snow, ice, mud, sand and gravel. Read on to find out about the signature AWD systems that are available in Nissan's family-friendly cars. Engineered to handle tough labor, the company's well-equipped pickup trucks won't get hindered by rugged terrains, low visibility and poor weather conditions. These vehicles have special axles that are unlikely to get hindered by inclement weather and rough surfaces.

Types of AWD Systems in Popular Nissan Models

As the most powerful and luxurious SUV ever designed by Nissan, the Armada is properly equipped with the Intelligent 4x4 drive system that's ready to conquer multiple terrains. An electronic module with buttons and a rotary dial is used to adjust the settings of this drivetrain. For example, you can seamlessly switch between the 4H and 4L modes based on real-time demand. Some other options in the Armada's 4x4 drive include the Snow and Tow modes. Compact and aerodynamic, the Nissan Juke is an agile crossover SUV that runs on the Torque Vectoring AWD with a helical-slip differential. This sporty model is tuned for explosive acceleration and agile handling on any track. Also considered a compact crossover SUV, the Rogue Sport has an AWD system that grips the road well. The Rogue and Pathfinder are mid-size crossover SUVs that offer the Intelligent AWD. Additionally, the Murano comes with the Intuitive AWD that's engineered to maximize traction. Most of the Nissan crossover SUVs and SUVs run on gear settings that are managed by the Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission System. Depending on weather and road conditions, this CVT will precisely split and distribute torque. The Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control can also improve handling in challenging situations. If you're looking for more powerful capabilities, then check out Nissan's lineup of reliable pickup trucks that come with 4x4 drive. The Frontier and Titan models carry a light-duty classification. These trims come with full-size cabins that accommodate five or six occupants. Available with gas and diesel engines, the Titan XD is the most powerful truck ever made by Nissan. Limited-slip differentials and other similar mechanical components are usually installed in Nissan trucks that are ready to work hard. Quite naturally, the Titan XD also boasts the highest towing ratings among all Nissan vehicles. You can confidently tow a trailer that's loaded with over 12,000 pounds with this versatile truck.

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