Nissan Xmotion Concept

The 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit came and went without a whole lot of fanfare. This annual auto show is usually a time when the automotive industry showcases its newest futuristic designs and latest high-tech features. However, at the end of this year’s show, everyone was only talking about one thing—the stunning Nissan Xmotion concept vehicle.

Nissan Xmotion: Blending Traditional Style with Next-Level Design and Features

The Nissan Xmotion concept vehicle does not look different from the Nissan IMx concept unveiled at last year’s NAIAS. The Xmotion is obviously meant to be bigger, more rugged and more powerful. This is evidenced by its ‘mechanical tool-inspired’ off-road tires and overstated front fender.

The ultimate goal of Nissan designers was to blend traditional Japanese elements with American-style power and design. The vehicle’s exterior achieves this latter goal, you only need to take a peek inside the Xmotion to see the traditional Japanese craftsmanship and culture at work.

The interior is meant to represent a classic Japanese landscape, using the imagery of the floor as a river with the central console serving a bridge crossing over it. To achieve this effect, the console is created from wood joined together using traditional techniques similar to those used in Japanese temples and shrines. The instrument panel is also made from wood, and in this case, meant to be a modern interpretation of another traditional wood joinery technique.

The vast majority of these design features will not be seen on any new Nissan vehicles. Automakers rarely end up putting their concept vehicles into production. Nonetheless, the Xmotion showcases the latest in Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology, which the company plans to put into production on many of its new vehicles.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility: Enhancing the Driving Experience

Nissan Intelligent Mobility is the range of autonomous and semi-autonomous driving technology. This includes various safety features designed to automatically identify and assist in avoiding hazards, such as Intelligent Forward Emergency Braking, Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, Intelligent Blind Spot Warning, Intelligent Lane Intervention and more.

Most of these features are already available on new Nissan vehicles, but the Xmotion unveiled even more intuitive features that Nissan hopes to include in new models in the coming years. Instead of only being able to control the navigation and infotainment system using the touchscreen or voice commands, the next-level technology on the Xmotion would enable drivers to control the system using basic hand gestures or even eye movements.

Nissan is also focusing heavily on improving its autonomous driving technology, but drivers can already take advantage of some of this technology today. The 2018 Nissan Leaf already provides drivers with a range of Nissan Intelligent Mobility features, including the ProPILOT Assist feature that can help to share some of your driving tasks to eliminate some of the stress of your daily commute.

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