Synthetic Oil Change


What is an Oil Change?

So, this might sound like an unusual question, but for someone who isn't well-versed in how engines and cars in general work, it might be a curious thing that people so regularly get oil changes. Is it okay to skip an oil change or two to save a buck or two? How about skipping a few months worth of oil changes and enjoying the extra money instead. We're here to tell you why it's a terrible idea even to skip one synthetic oil change!

Internal combustion engines like those found in your Nissan vehicle demand lubricant to have all of their parts work flawlessly and remain healthy. If you don't regularly change the oil in your vehicle, it may begin to jam components and overheat your engine, causing permanent damage. When you keep up with your oil changes, you reduce the chance of a breakdown, and you create an engine that will live a longer, healthier life.

Why Should I Get an Oil Change?

Getting regular oil changes is an act that says you plan on having a car for a very long time. It means that you're in it for the long haul. Remember, when you take care of your engine, your engine takes care of you by not breaking down or needing a replacement (which can cost thousands of dollars).

Oil Change Benefits

  • Synthetic oil tends to result in less friction of your engine
  • Added protection and a boost in engine productivity
  • Much better cold weather performance
  • Tends to result in cleaner oil over the months it's used

Conventional oil changes are better than no oil changes at all, but if you have the money to grab a synthetic oil change, you'll almost instantly notice the difference in performance on your Nissan vehicle. We have a terrific coupon available for a synthetic oil change because we want our customers to have the best! And when it comes to the quality of oil, synthetic oil is what Nissan recommends, and it's what we recommend.

Learn More About Oil Changes

We want you to have the best of all things when it comes to caring for your Nissan vehicle. Whether you bought from us or not, you're welcome to use our full-service center for all of your oil changes and other routine maintenance needs. If you want your vehicle around for a long time, please make sure to get regular oil changes.

Your engine will thank you for it with improved performance, your wallet will thank you for it by never having to shell out for engine repairs, and we'll thank you for it by giving you a great coupon for money off a synthetic oil change. Call us today or write to us if you have further questions about the benefits of synthetic oil changes or any other Nissan-related issue. We'll be thrilled to help.